Our Regions

SILVERBACK COFFEE OF RWANDA'S™ Coffee Flavors are virtually untarnished by modern agricultural techniques, and because it's exclusively grown on small farms, it's 100% naturally grown. Most people will not associate the Republic of Rwanda with coffee, but in fact Africa is where the coffee bean originated. With volcanic soils, abundant rainfall and high altitude mountains, Rwanda has some of the best coffee-growing conditions in the world.

The country's five distinct coffee growing regions include:

VIRUNGA MOUNTAIN REGION - At elevations of 1,900-2,200 meters, six volcanic peaks on the northwestern tip of the country play host to the famous Silverback mountain gorillas. The climate, offering cool conditions with plenty of sun and rain on rich volcanic soils, allows this coffee to ripen slowly, assuring enriched cherries. This cup dazzles with sweet honey notes, currant overtones and a lively acidic punch-line that is sure to leave your palette delighted.

AKAGERA REGION - Located in the southeast region of the country with an elevation of 1,300-1,500 meters and high to mid-lowlands, the Akagera region gives a cup that is extremely bright and full of berry and spice.

KIVU LAKE REGION - With an ideal climate at an elevation of 1,800-2,000 meters, rolling green hills and volcanic soil, this region yields the most amazing complex coffee yet. This complexity includes both chocolate notes and a jazzy jasmine floral scent. It's been known to impress even the best connoisseurs in the business.

KIZI RIFT VALLEY REGION - Located at an elevation of 2,000-2,200 meters, this region extends from the rainforest of Nyungwe to the grand entrance of the Virunga volcanic mountains. The nutrients in the volcanic soil provide a clean, smooth, balanced pecan and berry matrix bellowing in lovely floral overtones.

MUHAZI LAKE REGION - Sitting at an elevation of 1,400-1,600 meters, this rich lake region sits to the eastern part of the country and houses tall Arabica Bourbon trees. The pure water and volcanic soils boast a unique blend of teas, spices and cocoa notes.

These five distinct coffee growing regions offer ideal conditions for producing coffees of unsurpassed quality. The high altitude and rich soil from the area's many volcanoes create ideal conditions for producing unsurpassed quality.