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Silverback Coffee is Proudly Black Owned
Proudly black owned.


Serve coffee with a cause. SILVERBACK COFFEE OF RWANDA™ comes with a story that, if promoted will create goodwill for your customers. Coffee is the first or last thing your clients experience, so make a good impression. 

We are passionate about great tasting coffee so we import our naturally grown, carefully evaluated beans from a highly regarded growing region in East Africa.

As a your coffee partner we roast to order with no minimums to ensure the highest quality. We provide free delivery, supply equipment and offer maintenance with in 24-48 hours to make sure your coffee program runs smoothly. 

In addition, we want to make sure your team is knowledgeable about the product and the how to serve the best cup, so we offering training to your staff.

We hold cleanliness to the maximum standard by being GNP & HAACP certified, the highest level of good manufacturing practices.

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Silver Lining Cold Brew
We offer services to select businesses, from quality coffee shops and bakeries to local offices and boutique retail stores.

Born From Adversity – Cultivating Unity